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Beyond Fashionistas

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Till today the fashion industry has always been glamorized with runway shows, glossy magazines, and red carpets, painting a picture that the industry is for an exclusive group of people - the “fashionistas.” Those who dedicate their whole lives to following the footsteps of elite designers. However, the industry is more diverse and all-encompassing, involving everyone, regardless of your personal interest in fashion.

Each time you put on an outfit, you’re affecting the fashion industry somehow. Someone like me, an observer of fashion trends in society, may see you walking down the street to your local coffee shop and taking notes on what may be trending for casual wear. Or if I see you walking into a financial office building, I will take notes on the trends for businesswear. Whether you are wearing a three-piece suit or shorts and a T-shirt, it allows me to take notes on what I should be keeping an eye out for as a designer, stylist, influencer, etc. But forget about an outside Fashion enthusiast's observer: the outfit that you are wearing has already contributed to the Fashion Market. That outfit you chose to wear was in your closet because you either bought it, was given to you, made it yourself, etc., creating a trickle-down effect on the market of sales and manufacturing.

Fashion is a universal language of expression that allows people of various backgrounds and cultures to utilize clothing and accessories to convey individuality and create an identity. From wearing a sports jersey on a Sunday to ethnic garments on holiday, everyone uses fashion in a way that speaks to their own unique story.

Besides the beautiful art of fashion, the fashion industry has created pressing issues that affect everyone, not just those who are fashion-conscious. The Fashion Industry has always been one of the world's largest contributors to the current environmental issues we have today. From water pollution to global warming due to excessive consumption and excess waste management. The industry also has a history of unethical labor, exploitation practices, pushing garment workers to Indore, poor working conditions, unfair wages, and even hazardous environments. Bring to light the international human rights issues. Not to mention the appropriation of international cultures, stealing diverse designs and styles for only the industry to make a profit. Not bring the light to the people it originates from. This is only a taste of how essential it is for people to understand that:

1. everyone is involved in the Fashion Industry

2. anyone can make a change in the fashion industry

From being a lawyer, scientist, student, etc., you can play a part in how the fashion industry affects you and society.

So, in conclusion, I better not read another comment that says that they don’t belong in the fashion industry or that the industry issues don’t apply to them because the last time I checked, none of us walked around naked in public and until that day comes, it’s all of ours problems lol.


Hauteur Kapoor HK

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1 Comment

Grayson McCarthy
Grayson McCarthy
Dec 08, 2023

You’re completely right that the fashion industry includes everyone and affects everyone. Anyone can make a change in the fashion industry, that’s why I became a fashion designer. You have done an excellent job of bringing to light these issues. I look forward to reading the next post!

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