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Need a Fashion Stylist?

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Find your sense of Hauteur! No matter who you are or what you look like you deserve to feel pride in what you wear and I would love to help you do that. What I can do for you can vary based on what you are looking for! Typically, I find particular clothes that are tailored to your style, size, price range, etc, and build wardrobes through a google doc putting pictures and links to the product and giving descriptions of how to wear/style, certain products, or your particular style. The number of products I find depends on what you are looking for and how many products/choices you want. Prices can vary as well depending on what you are looking for but a standard wardrobe with your tailored style, price, size, etc. with styling advice descriptions are 50$. Please feel free to contact me on Instagram (@Posh_Heat) or through email ( and we can discuss what you have in mind!

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